Staffing Level Assessment

It is important for organisations to have appropriate staffing levels in place which link sensibly to the organisational structure. This is particularly critical for organisations who manage major hazards, and external regulators may require a demonstration that the staffing profile is suitable.  There have been many instances where inadequate staffing levels have contributed directly or indirectly to accidents, including major incidents such as the Esso Longford gas plant explosion and fires.

The Keil Centre can help organisations to set and justify safe staffing levels for key staff. We can facilitate the use of established methods - such as the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) safe staffing methodor less formal approaches. These are selected according to the specific organisational issue, the degree of safety or other criticality in its operation or process, and the starting point. 

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Benefits of Staffing Level Assessments

Our human factors consultants can help health and safety professionals, managers and HR professionals to fully understand staffing issues within their organisation. Establishing a reliable baseline level through such assessments makes it much simpler to monitor, audit and review changes over time.  

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To find out more about Staffing Level Assessments and how they may be applied within your organisation, please telephone our Edinburgh office on +44(0)131 229 6140 or email One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

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