StressTools®: team stress risk assessments

StressTools® is a web-based survey that identifies key sources of stress and the potential harm these may be causing to a single team or combination of occupational groups.

Individuals complete a confidential online questionnaire. The system then collates respondent inputs and a report is prepared by a Keil Centre Chartered Psychologist. The report provides a clear, concise and user-friendly presentation of the results, as well as offering practical solutions to any key hazards identified. In addition technical guidance notes provide a comprehensive range of remedial actions.

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Who is it for?

StressTools® identifies current levels and sources of stress in:

  • A single team or division of employees doing similar work (for example, a finance team)
  • Multiple teams, functions or divisions within a single operation
  • Large scale multi site/ multiple team combinations

Benefits of using StressTools®

StressTools® provides companies with a stress risk assessment that:

  • Complies with legal requirements
  • Is founded upon strong empirical research and evidence
  • Is straight-forward to set up and implement
  • Is available in seven languages
  • Provides reports that are meaningful and support easy transition into effective action plans
  • Is supported by experts and practical guidance
  • Directly involves staff in providing feedback on current situations in a thoughtful fashion

The results from the assessment help companies to understand:

  • To what extent identified stressors are causing actual harm
  • Are these getting better, getting worse or staying the same?
  • Why are these stressors occurring?
  • Provides recommendations for managers on areas identified as being of greater risk

The process

  • The Keil Centre will first discuss your requirements, answer any questions and assist in preparing a tailored survey for your team
  • Once prepared and checked, the survey is emailed to each participating team member as a web link, and response rate monitored
  • The Keil Centre prepares a PowerPoint report with detailed analysis and recommendations, which can be used by the local management to consider, and to feedback results. The psychologist will also discuss the results in person
  • Concrete and practical action plans can be developed, with support from The Keil Centre and the StressTools® Technical Guidance Notes.


Find out more

To find out more about StressTools® and how it may be used within your organisation, please telephone our Edinburgh office on +44(0)131 229 6140 or email One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

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