Building Team Resilience

Integrating Team & Individual Resilience Workshops

The Keil Centre offer an integrated workshop that blends discussion about both individual and team resilience.  Supported by an advanced online assessment of team resilience risk factors, the tailorable workshop offers opportunity to discuss how to develop personal strategies, as well as how to address work issues affecting collective resilience. 

The integrated workshop supports a blended approach that is mindful that individual resilience is best achieved in supportive work and team environments.  This method is best suited for teams who want to take a proactive approach, with a commitment of doing more than just expecting the individual to cope with pressure. 

The workshop offers the following benefits:

  • Structured online assessment of team resilience factors, tailored to fit the specific circumstances of the team;
  • Tailored workshop format, with content from our Building Resilience Modules that is best suited to the team and their specific resilience needs; 
  • A supportive, informative and engaging workshop format that blends personal reflection and group discussion;
  • A solutions-focused agenda that aims to support individuals to build their personal strategies and the team to build collective resilience.

TRA-CS: a workshop approach to increasing team resilience

Team Resilience Assessment – Card Sort (TRA-CS) is a practical approach to identifying and addressing the factors that impact on team performance and resilience. The method is based on the 6 key risk factors identified in the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Management Standards (Demands, Control, Support, Role, Relationships & Change) and has been shown to be a reliable and effective way to address team resilience factors.

The TRA-CS workshops use a gap analysis card-sort methodology which engages the whole team, including the team leader, in an open discussion about the key factors that influence team health, engagement and resilience. TRA-CS is a solution-focussed approach and the team will leave the workshop with a clear set of actions, timeline and responsibilities. This is supported by a report that illustrates the quantitative ratings taken in the workshop and the outcome of the facilitated discussion. The data from different workshops can be amalgamated to highlight key themes and risk factors across the whole organisation.

The TRA-CS workshops are facilitated by one of The Keil Centre’s Chartered Psychologists or internal capability can be developed using a train-the-trainer approach.

The use of TRA-CS by an organisation can offer the following benefits:

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  • A structured process to raise potentially sensitive or difficult issues (such as a culture of working long hours or ineffective team meetings)
  • An interactive and engaging forum to identify improvements
  • Identification of practical and realistic actions during the workshop
  • Agreement of actions during the workshop which are assigned to team members, developing accountability for improvement
  • Opportunity to track trends in resilience scores over time
  • Potential to develop internal capability to run the workshops in-house

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