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The Keil Centre’s Assessment and Development Team have extensive experience of designing and delivering leadership training, whether as one-off workshops or as structured Development Programmes. All training activities blend interest and practical applicability, the design is founded upon current, evidence-based theories and then these are developed into content that can be applied effectively in practice by course delegates.


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The learning modules cover a series of core management and leadership topics such as Engaging leadership (including safety leadership), Building Successful Teams, Resilience for Managers and Managing Change. Each module is underpinned by psychological theory, and are all geared towards helping delegates examine how personal qualities and individual differences influence thinking styles and interactions. Delegates acquire and practice practical tools and techniques, but are also encouraged to reflect on how their personal preferences, motivators and circumstances can be best managed along their journeys to great leadership. Our programmes deliver proven behavioural results, as demonstrated in our Training that Delivers in Practice article

One of The Keil Centre’s core values is working in partnership with our clients to explore how ‘best practice’ can be contextualised and made to work in practice in the specific organisational setting. We are, therefore, progressively refining and developing the programme content in response to client demands and the changing evidence-base. For example, we are currently exploring the ideas of conversational leadership and the importance of developing conversational skills to deliver great leadership.

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To find out more about more about Leadership Development support and how it may be beneficial to you or your organisation, please telephone our Edinburgh office on +44(0)131 229 6140 or email enquiries@keilcentre.co.uk


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