360 degree feedback

What is it?

360 degree feedback is a questionnaire-based process which provides anonymised feedback to an individual on how their behaviour at work is regarded by a range of colleagues.  To obtain a rounded, 360 degree view, feedback is provided by their: 

  • Line Manager
  • Peers
  • Direct reports
  • Customers or stakeholders (where appropriate)

The questionnaire is typically tailored to focus on the behaviours and values desired by the organisation.

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Who is it for?

360 degree feedback is particularly helpful for leaders and managers who want to know if their leadership style is working effectively.  Feedback helps the individual to understand others’ needs, allowing them to be better able to adapt their style accordingly.

It is often helpful for a team or department to go through 360 degree feedback together.  They can then support each other in making behavioural changes to improve their collective effectiveness.

What will I learn through 360 degree feedback?

The changes created by 360 degree feedback typically occur when trusted respondents provide evidence of a gap between intention and the impact of behaviour.  The gap creates a degree of discomfort which promotes a desire for change.  The feedback provides greater clarity about strengths, as well as suggestions for areas to work on.  From a position of increased self-awareness the individual can more effectively target their development effort.

Our approach

The 360 degree survey can be completed online for fast and efficient generation of reports.  However, the value of the feedback is dependent on the design of the questionnaire and the quality of support in using its results, more than the technology used to gather the data.

The Keil Centre provides the specialist expertise to:

  • Design the questionnaire to focus on the behaviours that differentiate top performance in the organisation
  • Deliver the feedback in a one-to-one session, sensitively helping the participant to extract the most value from it
  • Manage the implementation of the process from initial briefing through to support for development planning

Find out more

To find out more about 360 degree feedback and how it may be beneficial to you or your organisation, please telephone our Edinburgh office on +44(0)131 229 6140 or email enquiries@keilcentre.co.uk. One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.

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