HSE Behaviour Standard – Introducing our updated Toolkit!

An HSE Behaviour Standard, also known as an HSE Culture framework, is a product that The Keil Centre first developed for use in the offshore oil and gas sector, but which is now in use by a range of organisations globally, predominantly in the process and high hazard industries. Now over 60 our clients have developed and implemented their own company specific HSE Behaviour Standard.

The simplicity of the Standard has wide appeal, and related projects have won prestigious safety awards.

Empirically validated and evidence based, this approach recognises that to achieve excellence in safety performance, there are some behaviours that everyone in the organisation needs to demonstrate consistently. In addition to the behaviours required of everyone, supervisory staff need to demonstrate behaviours to support the workforce, and managers and executives need to demonstrate a set of behaviours that support supervisory staff as well as the workforce.

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The concept of the Behaviour Standard is to identify the key behaviours required to achieve excellence in HSE culture, and to provide all staff with specific indicators and expectations of:

(a) positive behaviours that will help ensure this culture is driven towards excellence, and

(b) negative behaviours that will hinder advancement, so that they are identified and avoided. 

The successful implementation of a HSE Behaviour Standard involves its integration into to management systems and operational practice. Over recent times, The Keil Centre, working with our clients has now developed a more comprehensive toolkit to help an organisation measure, coach, reward and embed the behaviours and help turn them into habits.

The Infographic below provides a summary:

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For further information, please contact Ken Gray, Director and Chartered Occupational Psychologist at ken@keilcentre.co.uk.

Some of our clients include:

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