We don't have any advertised vacancies at this time. However, as this can change quickly due to new client demands, we are always interested in hearing from those who are interested in being part of our successful team and fit the description below:


(1) Talented, business-focused applied psychologists or ergonomists with commercial experience.

 (2) Well-qualified and adaptable people to join our administrative / support functions.


Interested? Please send a CV and covering letter to

Some of our clients include:

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Trauma and Resilience

Catastrophic events are not rare. Most people are likely to know or work with someone who has experienced trauma in their lives; many of us have directly experienced a traumatic event in our own lives…

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Stress on the rise

The latest figures published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal a worrying trend. Stress and mental health problems amongst workers in Great Britain is now at its highest level for 17 yea…

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